The following ESRs have participated in public engagement dissemination events:

ESR 4 Shreyas Srivatas attended the MRS Fall Symposium in December 2019 in Boston USA (https://www.mrs.org/fall2019).

ESR 9 Silvia Vettori and ESR 6 Giancarlo Kosova attended both IMAC 2019 and IMAC 2020 in Orlando and Houston (https://sem.org/imac).

ESR 1 Atma Muraleedharan and ESR 2 George Tsialiamanis attended the Global Engineering Challenge in Sheffield in March 2019 (https://www.sheffield.ac.uk /materials/undergraduate/e mployability/global-engineering-challenge).

ESR 11 Sebastian Kruse and ESR 12 George Pasparakis participated in the 29th European Safety and Reliability conference in Hannover in September 2019.

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