ESR 13 – Nikolaos Tsokanas, Eidgenoessische Technische Hochschule Zuerich, Switzerland

Nikolaos Tsokanas received his MS diploma from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering & Computer
Science, University of Patras, Greece in August 2018. In his MS thesis, he designed and implemented a
controller for automatic landing of a civil aircraft.
During his studies, he undertook an internship in Airbus Defence & Space, Germany, in the department
of Attitude and Orbit Control Systems.
Before that, he was also employed as an intern in the faculty of Aerospace Engineering in TU Delft, The
Netherlands. His focus there was on real-time acquisition, analysis and control of a fatigue machine.
As of September 2018, he is a PhD student in ETH Zurich, in the Department of Civil, Environmental and
Geomatic Engineering, in the Chair of Structural Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering. His research
focus is on real-time hybrid testing under uncertainties.
He will be working within WP5, whose objective is to create enhanced and accelerated methods for
modeling and testing protocols for validation and verification of models of dynamic response of
structures that incorporate inherent uncertainties of the excitation, operation, and modeling. More
specifically, his task will be to develop methods for hybrid simulation of dynamic response of uncertain
structural systems to uncertain excitation and operating conditions and link them into the general
verification and validation framework developed in WP1.