ESR 14 – Thomas Simpson, Eidgenoessische Technische Hochschule Zurich, Switzerland

Tom Simpson received his Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering in June 2018 from the
University of Sheffield, UK. His thesis focused on the use of manifold learning techniques for
non-linear dynamical systems. During his degree, he also spent a year working at the
Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre as a research assistant investigating novel
machining methods of aerospace alloys.
As of September 2018, he is a PhD student in the DyVirt network at the chair of Structural
Mechanics and Monitoring at ETH Zurich. His research topic is regarding the development of
hybrid testing with an aim towards supporting the virtualization of wind energy assets.
Hybrid testing involves the combining of both physical experiments and numerical models in
order to increase the reliability and complexity of dynamic structural testing.
Within this topic, his research interests include dynamic substructuring, model reduction,
uncertainty quantification, non-linear dynamics and real time control and computation.