ESR 9 – Silvia Vettori, Siemens Industry Software Nv, Belgium

Silvia Vettori gained her Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering at University of Rome ‘La Sapienza’ in 2015, where she also obtained her Master’s degree in the same discipline in 2018. From September 2017 to March 2018, she spent 6 months as internship student at Siemens Industry Software NV (Leuven, Belgium), during which she developed her Master’s thesis project. The outcome of her work has become part of different conference papers, such as the one that she is going to present at IMAC-37 conference in Orlando (Florida) with the title ‘Development and validation of data processing techniques for aircraft Ground Vibration Testing’. She is currently involved in the Marie Curie DyVirt PhD program with Siemens Industry Software NV in Leuven (Belgium) and ETH Zurich. Her research project will deal with the development of Virtual Sensing techniques for structural dynamics applications. In this view, both experimental modal analysis (EMA) and operational modal analysis (OMA) techniques will be exploited in order to augment the information about the response of the structures to dynamic loads in operational conditions. Acquired test sensors data will be used in combination with finite element models, after they have been subjected to a modal order reduction process, for Virtual Sensing applications, i.e. for reconstructing the full field response of the system (accelerations, displacements or strains of the entire structure) from measured data available just at few locations. Different Virtual Sensing techniques such as Augmented Kalman Filter or Modal Expansion techniques will be investigated through their application to several types of structure, wind turbines are one of the examples.